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Russia Plus TV - Your new TV

An affordable and high-quality service of interactive Russian television all over the world. Now there are more than 3500 favorite channels for every taste, over 300 HDTV. Also, channels are provided in 4K and Full HD quality. 5.99$ per month and 3.99$ per plan. Archive and Filmoteka.

Convenient viewing on all: the set-top box and on a smart TV, smart phone, comp. or tablet. The player is in the App Store and Google Play Market. Playlist Russia Plus TV can also be viewed on all m3u8 players (Televizo, Ott navigator, VLC, Lazy IPTV, Pot Player, Perfect Player, UniPlayer etc.).

Servers with Anti DDOS protection. The system is built in such a way that new servers are added automatically in real time mode with increasing number of subscribers.

Archive. Becoming our subscriber, you can watch at any time ,TV series, sports, concerts and music clips, everything that is interesting in Russian television.

Russia Plus TV - for whole family

More than 3500 popular TV channels from Russia, Ukraine and other countries.


Over 3500 TV channels

Huge selection of films, cartoons, TV shows.

The list of channels is constantly replenished.

Convenient operation

Shift of the ether by time zone.

Archive to channels

View your favorite shows and movies in the recording.


Good to know





Over 3500 channels in HD/SD.

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