Russian TV | On Set-top box | How to install on set-up boxes

To start, register media player on our website in the "Registration" section.

The Password field can only consist of letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.

After registration we will provide a link where you can download the player for your device.

Register Ottplayer with the same data you registered in the "Registration" section.

The "e-mail" and "password" fields must match your registered data on our website.

To purchase a playlist of Russia Plus TV create  your "Personal Login Account" 

Here you can renew your subscription and track the history of your payments.

Register for your Personal Account. The password when creating the account must be different from the password of Ottplayer.

In the Set-Top Box, go to the Google Play Market, find the ottplayer. Download it.

Set the "Name" to your device. For example: Dune HD,  Android, etc.

Select Your device.

Enjoy Watching!

Open Ottplayer. In "Click here to login" enter the registered e-mail and password.

On the Ottplayer website, in the Playlists section, click on the TV sign.

Reboot the player. Go to Russia Plus TV.

If you do not have the Google Play Store on your TV Set-Top Box.

Copy to Flash Memory

Insert into Set-Top Box

Video tutorial how to connect Russia Plus TV on a TV set-top box.

Russia Plus TV на ТВ Приставке.

Video tutorial how to install Ottplayer on Amazon Fire stick.


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