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1. What is Russia Plus TV?

Russia Plus TV is an innovative IPTV TV that can be viewed anywhere in the world where there is Internet. We present to you more than 3500 of the best and most popular TV channels. And we are constantly expanding this list. Plus the archive.

2. How does Russia Plus TV work?

Russia Plus TV is broadcast over the Internet (cable or satellite dish is not required). All channels are live, our channels are also available in the recording.

3. What is the minimum speed for viewing SD and HD channels in your service?

The minimum speed is 3-5 mb/s. If you have a speed of 3-5 mb/s and higher - your service will work stably for SD and 7-10 Mb/s for HDTV.

4. How to watch?

Service Russia Plus TV works on your TV through media player. You just watch TV as you used to, with TV remote and the player.

5. On which devices can I play playlist Russia Plus TV?

Playlist from Russia Plus TV works on all modern devices: Smart TV, Android, Windows, Apple, etc.

6. How many devices can be connected at the same time?

By our rules at the same time you can only use one playlist on 2 of your personal devices from the same IP address.

7. What happens if I try to view my playlist at the same time on 3 or more devices?

You will receive a message that the preview is only allowed on 2 devices and will be temporarily blocked. The longer you violate the rules - the longer your lock will last.


8. I do not live in Russia. Do I have to watch the morning broadcasts late at night?

No, there is the possibility of delaying the broadcast for a certain number of hours in accordance with your time zone. To do this, you need to go into the settings of the media player and set the delay time in the "Watch shift" column.


9. Can I record tv shows or movies?

Almost all programs are automatically written for your convenience. You can watch the broadcasts in the recording. For example, in the player, you can now open the channel archive on Samsung and LG TVs by pressing the EPG button and selecting the desired program. On other devices you need to go to the archive icon, which is located in the upper right corner.

10. What is a playlist?

The Russia Plus TV playlist is a package of more than 3500 channels plus an archive, that comes in a file to your email. Channels are also available in 4K and Full HD quality. The list of TV channels is constantly increase.

11. How to become your subscriber?

After you install Ottplayer on your device, create your own Login account. The password for creating the cabinet must be different from the "Password of the Ottplayer".

12. How much is your playlist worth?

The subscription price for Russia Plus TV is 5.99$ per month and 3.99$ with plan.

13. What ways can I pay?

Payment is accepted in all available ways: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc.


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14. What is an archive?

Archive is an opportunity to watch your favorite movie, a program or a series in a recording.

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15. How to connect the Russia Plus TV playlist to the player by yourself?

After paying, on your e-mail will come a playlist. Copy the file from the e-mail and put it on the file in your "playlists" on the Ottplayer website.


16. Can I watch your playlist on other players?

Yes. The Russia Plus TV playlist works on all m3u8 players, such as:Televizo, Ott navigator, VLC, Lazy IPTV, Perfect Player, Ministra Player, Pot Player etc.

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17. Do I need to fill out the "Registration" form if I already have Ottplayer or want to watch your playlist on other players?

Yes. All form fields must be filled out.The "Password" field can only consist of Latin letters, numbers and underscores, it must be at least 6 and no more than 20 characters.
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18. What is Filmoteka?

Filmoteka is a huge selection of films, TV series, cartoons, TV shows and docs. films.
To install a movie library, create another playlist on the player's website.

19. My subscription for service renews automatically?

No. Fill out the auto-renewal form and you won’t have to renew the subscription manually every month. Payment will be charged automatically.

Auto-reneal form Russia Plus TV.jpg

20. How to disable auto-renewal?

In My Account, in the section Disable Auto-Renewal or Contact us.

Cancel auto-renewal on Russia Plus TV

21. In the playlist there are categories I do not need, how to remove them?

On go to your playlist settings. Click on the "hide on device" category.


Go to registration section. Install Ottplayer in your device. Leave a request for a trial period in "Contact us". When the test package is released, you will receive a notification to your email address. The package is valid for 24 hours. Test packages are no different from the usual ones except for the duration.


On the website, in the "Playlists" section, go to your playlist settings.

Link for the playlist Russia Plus TV.jpg

Click the star-shaped sign in the upper right corner, then select the TV channel.

The "Watch shift" function in the PHP version of the Ottplayer for TV Set-top boxes based on "Android" is still under development, we are waiting for updates. In order to shift the viewing, use the "Archive". Go to the settings of the player and set "Navigation Type" - "Tile".

By filling out the registration form you have registered your Ottplayer. In order to open your "Personal Account" and create an account, register by clicking on the green logo in the upper right corner of any page of our website.
For the security of your data, the password for "My Account" must be different from the password of the

Personal account.jpg

On the website on the "Download" page, there is detailed instructions for installing the ottplayer on any of your devices and various brands of TVs.

Скачать Оттплеер.jpg

Start by registering on our site.
This form is for registering your player. Download and install the player on your device on the "Download" page on
To pay for a subscription or renewal, create your personal account (Personal Account), go through the registration by clicking on the green logo in the form of a person in the upper right corner of our website. We do not manage your "Personal Account", all information in it is confidential, so the password when opening the "Personal Account" should be different from the password of the Ottplayer.

In order to install the Ottplayer on the Fire console, use the "Downloader" to download it. See detailed video instructions.

The archive is displayed by pressing the down button on the Fire stick TV remote.


31. How can I watch erotic channels? What is the password?

The default password is 0000. In the media player settings, you can change it, or remove it altogether. To do this, go to the player settings and in the "Parent Key" column, press 0000. Then enter your four-digit code.

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32. How can I watch Filmoteka on Windows?

Please follow the link:
In the Ottplayer settings, enter your Ottplayer email and password. Close the settings, go to the Filmoteka. Enjoy waching!


33. How can I watch for free?

Send us an email of your referral (current subscriber) and get a month of free viewing. The referral must be authorized after the start date of the "Name your referral" promotion. Thank you!

34. How can channels be set to Parental Control?

On the website in the "Playlists" section, go to the channel settings and set "Yes" adult (18+)


35. How can I install Ottplayer using Media Station X? 

1. In the app store, look for "Media Station X".
2. Run the installed application.
3. Go to settings - start parameters - setup.
4. Enter
5. Click the checkmark to confirm and, "yes".
In the settings of the player, enter the credentials: the player's e-mail and the player's password.
To play, you may need to change the player to "HTML5 player"


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Over 3500 channels in HD/SD.

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